– without all the work and frustration

Grow Your Wealth in Real Estate the Easy Way.

Get your money (not your back and your time) working for you.

We strive to provide our investors with consistently strong investment returns.

We oversee all the work – from renovations, to maintenance, to managing tenants and fixing toilets.

90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.
~ Andrew Carnegie

Landlords grow rich in their sleep.
~ John Stuart MillSection

Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.
~ T. Harv Eker

The best investment on earth is earth.
~ Louis Glickman

Buy land, they aren’t making anymore of it.
~ Mark Twain

Buying real estate is not only the best way. It is the quickest way and the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy.
~ Marshall Field

Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value.
~ Russell Sage

Partners We Work With

Joint Venture Investors

Most of our investors come to us through referrals from other investors.

They are tired of the low returns and fees associated with Mutual Funds. They feel strongly that Real Estate is a less volatile and higher return investment, but they don’t want to deal with permits, tenants, legislation and 3:00 am calls about the toilet leaking.

Private Money Lenders

We work with private individuals as well as private money lenders or brokers.

Our non-broker partners are ordinary people that just want to make higher than average, low-risk short-term returns.

Often, they have low performing investments or room available in their lines of credit that they can put to more productive use for a short-time.

Home Sellers

Sell your Kingston home quickly without the hassle of Open Houses and inquiring neighbours.

Any shape, any size, any condition – we take care of the cleanup and the renovations.

Talk to us about any special circumstances you have and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Tired of being a landlord? We specialize in multi family building purchases.

Download our FREE Renovation Guide.

Learn about:

  • Basic considerations from closets to insulation
  • Common by-law and building code items to be aware of
  • Top ways to add value

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